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Ozark Outdoor Services Landscape Design

Let Ozark Outdoor Services create an outdoor living area that brings excitement to you and your family with a quality outdoor kitchen, paver patio, walkway, or other project. We have partnered with Belgard who is one of the best manufacturers of concrete pavers in the industry. Belgard offers a lifetime warranty on the structure of their pavers and an 80 year warranty on the color of the pavers. Try finding a stamped or poured concrete patio with a warranty against cracking or discoloration.  They just do not exist, poured concrete just does not last as long in our backyards as an engineered paver product that is installed properly. Give you and your family years of safe, stable, trouble-free use and beauty, with a paver patio installed by Ozark Outdoor Services.

Ozark Outdoor Services Landscape Design

We utilize state of the art software to create 2D and 3D designs of your new project for you to more easily visualize your project. Next to seeing your project completed, a 3D design is the next best thing to helping you see what your project will look like upon completion. We do this for a number of reasons, first is so you can make changes, move things around, and really understand how everything fits together. It also helps get an understanding of the sizes of each piece in your landscape.

We can provide a full service design build of your project and take it from start to finish. Or we can provide the design alone. Because the design process is time consuming and takes a skilled eye, we do reserve the rights including intellectual copyrights to all of our designs until they are either purchased or we have completed the installation. Our design fees start at $249 for up to 4 hours of design time and cost $75 per hour after that. This includes any changes you would like to see and a full set of plans when it is completed.

We employ certified professional installers to ensure your outdoor living project is executed beautifully. There is nothing like seeing your dream outdoor living area come to life. We have the team to take your idea from a concept to the finished project. From a simple fire pit to a complete outdoor living area complete with kitchen, patio, seating, and every thing else we have to skill set to make it a reality.

We know how important it is to feel confident in your contractor. That is why all of our projects are supervised by an ICPI Certified Professional. ICPI is an acronym for the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. They are the leading educational resource for the installation and maintenance of concrete pavers. They provide strict certification standards to individuals looking to provide their customers with the peace of mind that comes with a certified professional in the construction of outdoor living areas.

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A beautiful Pergola gives any home added character, and offers you a place to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style. Let Ozark Outdoor Services build a Pergola to match the lifestyle you envision.
Professional decks and pergolas built by Ozark Outdoor Servcies.

For a dramatic touch, consider adding a pergola to a new or existing deck. These stunning structures provide welcome shade for hot midsummer days, yet won’t restrict air movement or light penetration. And they also give you an easy way to add overhead lighting, install ceiling fans, or incorporate hanging plants and climbing vines into your outdoor space.

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Unique challenge? Bring it on — with nearly 30 years’ experience in rocky, hilly, water-churning Ozarks environments, we have the know-how to turn almost any “negative feature” into a positive enhancement for your home.

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