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FAQ’s and Terms and Conditions:

For full terms and conditions please call our office for a copy of our contract. All sales are bound by our contract including sales through third parties such as daily deal sites. Due to the nature of this business all monies received are considered non-refundable.

“When is the best time to trim my shrubs/bushes?”  Generally a shrub can be trimmed safely anytime except when the weather will put too much stress on the plant. Usually our summer months are not a good time to trim. There are exceptions with specific plants however.

“Should I replace the old mulch in my landscape bed before I add new?” If you find that the mulch is not breaking down properly, either due to landscape fabric, or poor grade mulch, we do recommend removing it.   Otherwise it is possible to introduce harmful fungi, bacteria, ants, termites, and other harmful elements. We use an all natural bark mulch that looks great and adds organic matter to the soil as it breaks down naturally.

“I would really like to add some plants to my landscape, when should I do that?” Usually the best time to make additions to your landscape is anytime except the summer months. There are exceptions on a plant by plant basis however. Trees like to be transplanted in the fall for instance.

“Do you provide free estimates?” We would be happy to meet with you and discuss your outdoor living needs for free.

“Do you offer coupons/vouchers/daily deals?” We do send out coupons in the mail different times of the year. Sometimes we offer vouchers on daily deal sites from time to time. However we only allow one voucher/coupon/offer for a specific service per household period. These discounted vouchers are very expensive for us to run and are designed to create new customers. For that reason we have to limit the number of vouchers to one that a household can use. If you find one of our vouchers for sale and have a project in mind that you would like to use it on, please give us a call and verify if the voucher will cover your project. The purchase of any voucher/coupon/daily deal are subject to all terms and conditions outlined in our contract and briefly outlined on this FAQ page. If you need a copy of our contract please call our office prior to purchasing the deal.

“Do you offer warranties on your work?” Our warranties are as follows

  • 1 year warranty for new plantings unless otherwise noted.
  • 5 year warranty on hardscapes such as patios, retaining walls, etc.
  • 80 year warranty on the color of Belgard pavers.
  • Lifetime warranty on paver blocks themselves.
  • Lifetime warranty on Kichler LED landscape lighting fixtures

“I want to contract your company to do some work, what is the next step?” We accept non-refundable deposits to hold your position on our schedule. Due to the high volume of customers we can have during certain times of the year the system of accepting non-refundable deposits keeps everyone committed to their projects. Our estimator will provide a contract and an estimate for your project. Any monies received prior to work commencing, including vouchers/daily deal coupons, are considered non-refundable and are used to purchase non-refundable materials and reserve your position on our schedule. Please see section in our contract for details.

“How does your Christmas Light installation program work?” Our program really is a full service program. After you call us to schedule a free consultation our technician will visit your home and discuss your design preferences. At that time we will take measurements and provide a detailed estimate for the installation, removal and storage of the Christmas lights. The technician can usually install the lights at the time of the consultation. After the season is over we will return in January and remove the lights. We package the lights and store them in our climate controlled  warehouse. In the off season we go through the lights and replace any bad bulbs and check all connections. We can then return next season and re-install the lights.

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