Landscape Lighting

Creating visually stunning nightscapes is one of the most exciting aspects of our business. Ozark Outdoor Services can bring a dramatic new look to your property with strategically placed lighting to enhance safety, illuminate for entertaining, and provide breathtaking after-dark views with maximum curb appeal. We offer complete turnkey installations. Let us help you design and install a lighting scheme that will make your property stand out for its nighttime beauty! Options to consider:?
  • Safety/security lighting for patios and walkways
  • Area lighting in high-use spaces, such as decks and foregrounds
  • Accent lighting to showcase unique features
  • Uplighting of trees and shrubs
  • Strategic spot and flood placements to accentuate your building’s exterior
Ozark Outdoor Services is now a Certified Kichler Light Pro. What does this mean for you the customer? We are committed to providing you with the very best experience. Our installers are trained professionals who know how to best accent your home or landscape with Kichler LED fixtures.     LED Landscape Lighting: The Wave of the Future Ozark Outdoor Services is proud to pioneer the use of advanced LED landscape lighting in the Springfield area. While we install plenty of conventional lighting systems using incandescent bulbs, in most cases we feel that quality LED lighting presents the most economical, efficient and environmentally responsible choice overall. LED lighting is brighter than incandescent lighting, yet uses far less energy—the electricity savings can be as high as 80%. While standard bulbs burn out quickly and require regular replacement, LEDs last up to 30 years with no maintenance needed. They’re smaller and more versatile, easy to focus, and available in a wide range of interesting colors.
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